Pressure Cheerleading & Dance


Our Why

We believe in the sport of cheerleading and the great life lessons that are taught through our sport. We are passionate about building great athletes but more importantly, we are passionate about empowering young people to be confident successful young adults. Through our program, our athletes develop character, leadership, optimism, integrity, confidence, resilience, determination, and perseverance.
We help to shape our young athletes to show compassion, acceptance, kindness, and teamwork. We provide a safe place for kids to be themselves, a place to belong and connect socially with their friends. We teach that there are no shortcuts or instant success, but with enjoyment, fun, passion plus hard work, determination and effort, can lead to achievement.
We redefine winning, it’s the journey, NOT the trophy, its all about the small wins and the learning opportunities that come from success and failure. It is these values, we believe, that build strong athletes and even better young adults!

We focus closely on not only our why, but our athletes 'why'! We believe in focusing on the reason why we do what we do, this helps us focus on our goals and stay grounded. Some of our athletes say this is why they cheer or dance at Pressure.

"I cheer because it is a lot more supportive than other sports I have been involved in."

"I cheer because I love it. I feel welcome and included. I feel like I am learning many important skills. I was always told that I wasn’t good enough but I continued because I knew that things would be different if I kept trying. I am not very good at other sports and cheer has a spot for all abilities, all ages and it is such a unique sport." 

"I cheer because I love to tumble and be myself and doing this sport I can improve. I love to learn new things and I love coming here each week to learn tumble, dance and stunts. It’s amazing what this sport can do. I also do it because it’s like another family where I can be with people who also share the same passion. I don’t do it to wear a bow or make up, I do it because I love everything about it. Even the sweat at training and on the comp floor and not placing." 

"I cheer because I love learning and improving all my skills. I especially love doing cheer with all of my friends and getting to know different people. I want to get more confident at flying and I want to share what I know with others. I especially love going to comps, whether that means fullouts for 2 hours or getting up at 5am to get ready. I love this sport so much and I am so glad I found it. I want to improve and gain confidence, that is why I do cheer, for improvement and to work on all these skills."

"I cheer because, coming from the dance world, this sport is so much more inclusive and you can never really be ‘bad’ at it because there are so many levels and everyone can shine at one point. I come back because it doesn’t get boring and there is always something to learn or improve."

"I cheer because I think it is so much fun and I love it so much. I have friends here and it is also a way I can get out of the house and do something interesting." 

"I cheer because it is a sport where I can be myself and be included with everything. I like how it’s fun but serious at the same time. I also like how you can show your skills and not have to hide them. I love how I can be a part of a team where we all get along and trust each other."

"I cheer because I love the sport so much and how there are so many components within a routine. The cheer community is so supportive of everyone and I love how everyone is included and has a spot within a team."

"I cheer because it makes me feel like I belong. I’ve done numerous sports, some I have had to quit due to bad coaches and not feeling like I am needed or belong. Cheer has helped me so much, it gives me a goal. If I didn’t have cheer, my health conditions would be a lot worse. Cheer has helped me come out of my shell, it has taught me to trust others. I have always felt like I belonged in this team/club, even when I was injured - I still believed that I had a spot. I didn’t want to miss a training and I had a goal to recover and compete with the team. I do cheer to prove others wrong and to prove to my family that cheer is a sport. I do cheer to make me feel like I belong and it makes me happy."

"I cheer because of how much I enjoyed participating in it at school last year. It is a lot of hard work and I had to learn quickly and embrace many new skills. I truly believe that this club has become my second family. Cheerleading is such an accepting sport and there is a place for everyone. I come back for the friends, learning new skills and to continually push myself, for myself and the team."    

Our Values






Self Confidence

Unity (Teamwork)



We incorporate lessons on all these values throughout our coaching, and our staff set an excellent example of all these values for our athletes. At Pressure, it isn’t just about being a great athlete, it’s being a good sport, friend, teammate and community member.

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