Frequently Asked Questions

Can I just try a class?

Of course! We highly recommend attending a trial class to see if you like it. Trial classes are completely FREE of charge. Contact the office or CLICK HERE to book a trial today. 

How Much does it cost?

Our goal is to provide affordable competitive and recreational cheerleading and dance classes for our athletes and their families. Our annual membership fee is $100 per athlete, this includes their training t-shirt, competition & training insurances and all admin fees. Fees are invoiced monthly from February - November and are inclusive of competition & performance fees. 

When do I train?

Our training schedule generally aligns with Victorian school terms. However as some competitions back on to school holidays, please check the calendar carefully as some teams may train during the September school holidays. 

Do I train every week?

Yes. If you enrol in a competitive team we ask you to attend every training session throughout the year. Cheerleading is a team sport so if one member of the team is absent, the team will not be able to practise as everyone is necessary in each stunt of a routine. Dance classes also train for limited hours so attendance is extremely important. 

When do I compete?

Our teams normally compete from June - November at competitions in Melbourne. We also take some teams interstate for competitions such as the National Championships if they are not held in Melbourne. Simply check the Annual Schedule in the information pack for more detail. 

Do I have to tan?

Whilst we don't require our athletes to tan for competitions, it is highly recommended. We mostly perform in stadiums with extremely bright lights and often, without the tan, athletes tend to look grey/sick on the competition floor.  

Do I have to be flexible?

No way! All of our teams work on developing flexibility, fitness and other skills in all of our classes. Being flexible is usually taught over time and should not be rushed. 

What level am I?

Levels depend on a number of things. When we recommend a cheerleading team for someone, the decision is usually based on past cheerleading or gymnastics experience as well as what skills you currently have. Eg: a back handspring is usually required for a level 2 team.

Do I need a Uniform?

All students are required to wear training attire according to our dress standards which is outlined in our welcome packs. CheerSport athletes don't require a uniform, but our novice and elite competitive teams are required to purchase a uniform through the office in March. 

How big are the classes?

Our class sizes vary, however we aim to have no less than 6 and no more than 18 in a class. These numbers allow for us to ensure our athletes are receiving focused attention and getting the most out of their training. We aim to maintain a ratio of one coach per 8 athletes for ages 6+. Classes of students under 6, we have a ratio of 1:4. 

What do I bring to class?

•  Necessary shoes {Cheer = correct cheerleading shoes, Dance = appropriate shoes for the style of class}
•  Training uniform (according to dress standards)
•  Bottle of water
•  Small hand towel
•  Extra hair pins and elastics - Hair must be secured away from face in a neat pony tail or bun to ensure it is not a distraction.