Adult Jazz & Pom

Perfect for Beginners

Adult Novice Jazz & Pom

~ Ages 18+

Adult Jazz & Pom is one of our beginner teams perfect for adults looking for something new! The age of this team is 18+ years and the emphasis is on learning basic dance technique in a fun and positive environment.

Program/Team Details
Adult jazz & Pom are part of our dance program. Novice dance is specifically for beginners new to all star dance. Our aim is to provide an introduction to the technique required in all-star jazz & pom, but in a low pressure, relaxed environment.

This team train once per week and are encouraged to participate in other classes or dance styles to develop their skills. 
Adult jazz & pom compete at 3-4 competitions throughout July - December, as well as performing at our mid-year show offs & our end of year showcase. 
Team Schedule
Adult Jazz & Pom train once a week. Their class is a total of 1 hour a week where you will learn basic dance technique for jazz & pom as well as develop a routine for each style to perform at competitions. (both routines may not be performed at all competitions)

Training Times:

Training time for the Adult Jazz & Pom is Mondays 6:30 - 7:30pm.

Season Schedule:
Dance teams have full year seasons that start in February and finish in December. Athletes are more than welcome to join the team at any time during the year. Training weeks and schedules are similar to the Victorian school terms but please check the information pack calendar or with the office for specific dates.
Annual Enrolment: $100 (covers training uniform, insurance and membership).

Season Costs: $128 per month (10 x payments for a full season).
This price includes costume hire for routines.