Development Squad

~ Ages 10-14

Crush is a development squad for our elite athletes aged 10-14. This squad will train in 2021 and learn and develop their skills in the hope to compete interstate in 2022 & internationally once we are allowed.

Program/Team Details
Crush are part of our Elite Allstar Program. Allstar Elite is for our intermediate and advanced level athletes who can handle a high degree of commitment. The program aims to provide a challenging and positive atmosphere for athletes to push themselves and succeed.
Elite teams will attend multiple competitions throughout the year long season in both Melbourne and interstate.
Crush is a great as a team for athletes who are looking to advance through the sport, the main focus for the team is to develop their elite level skills, do well at competitions but also have lots of fun along the way. They also they get to wear the brand new sparkly level 3+ uniform!
Team Schedule

Crush train once a week. Squad training is a total of 2 hours a week where the athletes learn to perfect their skills for their routine, and begin working on higher level skills once they are ready. 

Training Times:
Training times for Crush are Saturday 1.30pm-3.30pm.
Season Schedule:
Elite Allstar teams have full year seasons that start in February and finish in December. Athletes are more than welcome to join the team at any time during the year but may have delay in being added into their routine until a break in the competition schedule makes it possible. Training weeks and schedules are similar to the Victorian school terms but please check the information pack calendar or with the office for specific dates.
 Annual Enrolment: As Crush is a development squad, there is no additional membership fee as these athletes are all in another one of our competitive teams. 

Season Costs: $60 per month (10 x payments for a full season).
Level 3+ Competition Uniform: $300 (price includes competition bow, required to be purchased in April). Competition uniform will be used for the 2021 & 2022 seasons.