Director/Head Coach

Starting ballet classes at the age of 2, Tara found cheer in 2014 at the age of 24. She has since competed in levels 1-3 as a part of ACU, Ballarat Magic and Cheer Factor All-Stars. She has been coaching cheer since 2015 and is the owner of Pressure Cheerleading & Dance. Tara is a mum & is also a school teacher and enjoys working with children of all ages. Tara has a strong passion for cheerleading and dance technique as well as safe progression of skills. 
Tara is looking forward to opening the doors of many opportunities to her athletes this year and in the future.

Tara holds credentialing to IASF Level 5 in tumbling and stunting & holds a Level 3 first aid certificate. 


Cheer Coach

Laura found cheerleading at the age of 13 and competed for over 6 years for Highett Youth Club & Wesley College in Melbourne. She has a strong passion for stunting and loves working with all athletes on their technique to help them achieve clean and safe stunts. Laura is a mum and loves spending time with her family outside of cheer. She loves cheer for its inclusiveness and believes that it is a fantastic way for children to be involved in sport.  

Laura holds credentialing to IASF Level 4 in stunting & tumbling and a level 2 first aid certificate.


Cheer Coach / Dance Teacher

Gemma started dancing when she was 5 years old and continued her dancing for 13 years. She competed in troupes, duos and solos competing across Victoria in both tap and jazz. She loves to be able to pass on her knowledge and passion of dance through teaching. Gemma has also done cheerleading for 4 years and has competed in levels 1,2 and 3. Gemma enjoys coaching students in cheerleading watching them develop their skills and love for this sport.

Gemma holds credentialing to IASF Level 2 in stunting and tumbling.  


Cheer Coach

Ursh holds credentialing to IASF Level 1 for tumbling & stunting.


Cheer Coach

Zarlie holds credentialing to IASF Level 1 for tumbling and stunting. 


Cheerleading Coach

Mon holds credentialing to IASF Level 1 for tumbling and stunting.