At Pressure Cheerleading & Dance we offer a range of options to suit different abilities, budgets and commitment levels. 

Pressure is proud to offer a wide range of teams for both beginner and experienced cheerleaders and dancers. Classes run every day of the week at so there is a class for everyone! Contact us to find out more, browse our team lists below or check out our information pack for more details.

Competitive Classes


Cheer Sport allows athletes the chance to experience the excitement of competition teams, with reduced training hours, less competitions and a lower financial requirement.​

All-star Cheerleading

All-star cheerleading is a dynamic fast paced sport that incorporates stunting with tumbling, jumps, pyramids and dance. 

All-star Dance

All-star dance includes styles such as jazz, hip hop, lyrical & pom. These teams compete at all-star competitions which are very different to traditional dance eisteddfods. 

Adult Teams

Why should the kids have all the fun? 

At Pressure Cheerleading & Dance we offer adult dance and adult cheerleading. 

These classes are a great way to get fit, meet new people and have a laugh along the way. 
These teams are suited to anyone over the age of 18 and there is no experience necessary. 

Non-Competitive Classes



Tumbling is a fun and challenging activity. Our tumbling classes are structured and focus on body control, flexibility and strengthening our athletes bodies to allow them to safely progress through skills with proper technique. In addition to our equipment, our experienced coaching staff allow safe progression and development of all tumbling skills.

Dance Technique

We believe in caring for our dancers bodies. Our dance technique classes focus on ensuring our dancers are developing correct alignment, posture, extension and lines. These classes also allow progression towards working on turns, leaps, kicks and jumps. 


Our flyers classes focus specifically on the stretches and conditioning required to be a flyer in a cheerleading team. During these classes athletes learn safe stretching techniques, correct alignment & body control needed to be a flyer. 

PreCheer & PreDance

At Pressure Cheerleading & Dance we offer preschool classes in cheerleading and dance for ages 2-5. 
These classes focus on motor development and body awareness. 
Parents/caregivers are invited to join in or watch these classes. 

DayTime PlayTime

Looking for new ways to entertain your little one? Rain, hail or shine, DayTime PlayTime will come to your rescue. Come along and hang out in our gym and let your little one play on our fun equipment with full use of our gym and pre-set circuits to burn all your toddler’s morning energy.


DayTime PlayTime sessions are monitored by a coach however the coaches are purely there to supervise. Parents/carers are solely responsible for the care, safety and wellbeing of their child.

If you enrol into one of our pre school program classes through our direct debit system you get unlimited access to our DayTime PlayTime sessions while you remain enrolled in the class. Alternatively, you can sign up to an annual DayTime PlayTime membership for just $100. Drop in visits are also welcome for just $5 per family per visit.

Other Classes

Private Lessons

Private lessons are a great way to improve skills. Private lessons are available to members and non-members of PCD. These can be focused on any aspect of cheerleading, tumbling or dance and are a great way to gain, perfect or master particular skills. 

Private lessons are 30mins long and can be purchased in packs for a discounted rate. 

Stunt Groups & Dance Duos

Stunt groups, partner stunting & dance duos are offered by request.
Stunt groups involve 4-5 athletes training and competing a 1min routine demonstrating stunts for a particular level - great for perfecting the basics or up-skilling! 

Dance duos involve 2 dancers performing a 90second routine. 

Partner stunting involves 1 base & 1 flyer and is similar to a stunt group.

School Programs

At Pressure Cheerleading and Dance we offer clinics and classes to all primary and secondary schools in the Ballarat and surrounding areas. 
We can run set classes during sport sessions, specialised clinics or even coach your schools own cheerleading team. 

Please email or call us to discuss possibilities

Open Gym

Open Gym sessions are held on a regular basis and are open to PCD members and non-members. This is a great chance to work on skills or hang out with your friends. Supervision is provided by coaching staff and they may be able to assist with skills during this time.